Great Companies Are Built Around Values

It’s 3 A.M. I spent the day on the phone with U.S. customs, factories in China, Fedex, a freight forwarder, Amazon, customers, and seemingly a million other people.

And now I’m back here. This lovely little home for me, that over the course of several years completely transformed my life, taking me places I’d never imagined possible.

It’s been four months since I’ve last posted. People have emailed me asking if I had quit blogging altogether, or if I had disappeared off the face off the Earth.

But the truth is, I’m still alive, and I’m still working. I’ve just been doing something different. [Read more…]

If You’re Not Subscribed To My YouTube Channel, You’re Missing Out

Did you know that a huge chunk of the content I put out isn’t even available here?

I have very recently began publishing select content exclusively to my YouTube channel. This content branches out a little bit and covers more subjects that would be relevant to my audience, such as building wealth, self-improvement, business topics, etc.

Still, I did not want to publish these here as I understand not everybody wants to hear it. That’s fine.

For those who do want to get more money out of their business and more fulfillment out of their life, do yourself a favor and subscribe to my YouTube channel right now.

There’s a lot of content coming quickly, and you won’t want to miss it. [Read more…]

5 Incredible Books Every Blogger Needs To Read

A little less than a year ago, I quit college to pursue entrepreneurship full time. 

Some say I was foolish for turning down a fully-funded education. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Like most entrepreneurs, you and I want to be successful. We want to be the greatest people we can possibly be. If that weren’t true, you wouldn’t be here reading this right now.

Those who truly become great are those who keep growing. The people that keep learning and improving. And for those people, their education never really ends.

As I write this, I sit next to over 200 books that I have purchased over the years regarding topics such as building wealth, investing, entrepreneurship, self-improvement, and building a successful mindset. At a minimum, I read at least one of these books a month.

I firmly believe that I owe a lot of who I am today due to the insights and advice these books have given me. While not all of them are directly related to blogging, I would like to share of these books with you that I believe every blogger should read.  [Read more…]

Double Your Money And Win Prizes In The New MyBlogU Contest!

Sometimes, the hardest part of completing a new project is simply starting it.

Getting the motivation to pick yourself up and get to work can be tough.

Fortunately, a new contest from MyBlogU may provide that much needed motivation to start your newest website and get it going.  [Read more…]

Learn To Appreciate The Good And Bad Times In Business

Business is a heck of a lot more than numbers and data. Sometimes, I like to take some time to branch off into theoretical or philosophical topics. This is one of those times.

As an entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time reading books on human nature and psychology. As I’m sure you’re aware, when you can get inside of people’s heads, you are more likely to achieve success in getting them to do what you want. For us, that usually means making sales.

However, another thing I’ve learned and began to notice in my day to day life is how people change and adapt to their situation. This can be both a blessing and a curse. [Read more…]