7 Things I Learned From Launching A Podcast

I recently spent a lot of time preparing the first two episodes of the Help Start My Site podcast for launch.

Having no previous experience podcasting, I was in for a huge wakeup call when I sat down to actually begin recording, and another shock later on when it came time to publish. If you’re considering starting a podcast sometime in the near future, you may just encounter some surprises. I surely wasn’t expecting any of these!

Here are 7 things I learned recording and launching the first ever episodes of the Help Start My Site podcast. [Read more…]

How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas – The Ultimate Guide

Coming up with new blog post ideas can be difficult. While at one point you probably had hundreds of ideas you could’ve written about, those ideas are all gone and now you’re left with nothing. Don’t worry – it happens to all of us at one point or another.

However, it’s extremely important to have a reservoir of great blog topics, so you can spend more time writing and less time brainstorming. Here is the ultimate guide to coming up with great blog post ideas, so you’ll never be without an article topic ever again.  [Read more…]

How To Write Blog Posts Quickly And Productively

No matter how talented you are, how experienced you are, or how much money you’re making, every entrepreneur and blogger has the same problem:

There are only 24 hours in a day.

Factor in your human needs and obligations and you’re left with a relatively limited time to work hard and get stuff done.

Unfortunately, there is absolutely nothing that can be done to change the flow of time. Therefore, it’s important to make the most out of the time that you’ve got, and save as much of it as possible.

Here are 6 ways to write your blog posts more quickly and productively, allowing you to free up more time to market them and make more money! [Read more…]

Bloggers: Nothing Wrong With Charging For Your Work

How many times have you heard something like this:

“Don’t worry about the money”

“Don’t monetize your site if you want people to respect you”

“Work for free now and profit later.”

…Are you kidding me?

These types of people are selling you feel-good lies and playing on your morals to make themselves look good. Worst of all, they are part of the reason you’re not making more money.

So let me set one thing straight – THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH CHARGING MONEY FOR YOUR WORK! [Read more…]

You Can’t Please Everybody, So Be Yourself (And Quit Sucking Up!)

I had the pleasure of taking to the microphone to scream, swear, and rant at a particular group of people last week.

I had gotten an email from a product creator wanting me to promote his product on my blog. I went on over to his site, and his sales page immediately screamed, “Scam!”

Having been a victim of bad advice and scams before, I did not take this lightly and made the product creator well aware of the effect this has on people. Of course, he didn’t care.

Warning: contains profanity. If profanity bugs you, don’t watch or continue reading this article.

Afterwards I got another email from the guy stating that he was glad he didn’t “do business with me” because I was “very unprofessional.”

Really, a scammer telling me about professionalism? LOL. 🙂

However, this experience taught me a very important lesson: You will not click with everybody, so do not try to. Just be yourself, and attract the people that like you. [Read more…]

Are You Updating Your Old Blog Posts?

This past week, I spent a ridiculous amount of time updating old posts on my blog.

And let me tell you, it made me want to cry.

I’ve become a way better writer since I began working on this site, and my writing style has changed dramatically. Some of my old blog posts were absolutely horrific, and downright embarrassing.

Yet, the majority of my traffic arrives to these old, embarrassing articles. So I had to ask myself… is this really the impression I want to leave on my new visitors? My potential subscribers and potential buyers? Is this what I want them to think of my site?

Absolutely not.

It’s time for you to ask yourself the same thing. Let’s talk about updating your old blog posts. [Read more…]

What Writing A Book Taught Me About Blogging

When I started writing my first book, I had no idea it would be one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. Not only did it transform the way I write, it changed the way I look at writing completely. Here are a few things I learned while writing my first eBook,  “Blogging For Profit: A Beginner’s Guide To Starting Your Very Own Web Business”. [Read more…]

How To Make Money Blogging About Video Games

Imagine if you could make a living off talking about your favorite video games online? This dream is a reality for many bloggers and webmasters around the world, who have already put forth the effort to enter the video game niche and succeed with it. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy it sounds – the market is very competitive and you’ll have to take a unique approach if you want to stand out for your competitors.

This approach will require patience, and a slightly different method of making money. Based on my own experience, this is what works best if you want to make money blogging about video games. [Read more…]

5 Free SEO Plugins Essential For Any Blog

One of the features that makes WordPress one of the world’s best content management systems is the fact that it is so changeable, so easily. With only a few clicks, webmasters are able to install plugins that can completely change the website’s functionality: adding new features, tweaking your design, or even improving your sites search engine optimization. While it’s not a good idea to clutter your blog with unnecessary plugins (as these can slow down your pages load time or cause bugs and security issues), there are a few plugins that every blogger can benefit from. In this article, I will share 5 plugins with you that are essential for any blog to reach its maximum potential.

[Read more…]

How To Invest In Your Blog Long Term

Imagine if you could turn a little bit of money into a lot more, simply by making a few small investments into your blog. Whether you think about it or not, your blog is a business. I’d hope you would want to make this business as profitable as possible. By making a few small investments for your blog, you can rake in even more money for the long term.

Here are five things you can invest in to make your blog even better than it already is now. [Read more…]