Exit Strategies For Bloggers – Work Less, Earn More

It’s nice to think that we’ll all be here blogging away forever, but the sad reality is that this likely won’t be the case.

Priorities and desires change. Life events spring up that require our attention. Perhaps new entrepreneurial opportunities arise, and will become a better use of your time.

No matter how successful we become, we will all only have 24 hours in a day to dedicate towards those things in life that our important to us.

Therefore, I think it’s important to keep an exit strategy in mind for your business – even if you don’t think you’ll ever end up using it.

Bear in mind this doesn’t mean you have to quit completely – you can begin making your exit slowly and gradually, and you never have to go all the way.

However, unless you want to keep working this same amount until you die, you’ve got to prepare for it.

Let’s look over our options.  [Read more…]

Pay-Per-Click Advertising For Bloggers: How, Why, And When

If you ever want your blog to really skyrocket, you need a way to scale.

You need to develop a system that will allow you to grow consistently over time, without hitting any sort of plateau. Without hitting a ceiling, or any limits.

I started this blog because I knew that this market had limitless potential. I knew that the possibility was there to make millions of dollars a year. I knew that any limits that were in place were set by me, and I had control over all of them.

It wasn’t like that in the iPhone market, where I used to work in. I took off, and within a couple years I hit the max I could ever possibly make.

Most bloggers will never hit that ceiling if there even is one, because they do not do what is necessary to scale their business.  [Read more…]

7 Ways To Stand Out And Become A Memorable Blogger

More than 2 million new blog posts are published each day.

Let me say that again: more than 2 million blog posts are published each day!

2 million. That is more than 83,000 an hour, 1,388 a minute, or 23 every second. That’s a lot of freaking blog posts!

To keep your visitors coming back to your website again and again, it is vital that you are memorable in some way. You need your visitors thinking about you and your blog while they are away, eager to come back and read your next post.

In order to do that, you need to stand out and become memorable in your reader’s minds. While most bloggers blend in with the millions of others out there, it is fortunately not difficult to stand out and become a memorable blogger. Nor it is hard to create a memorable blog. By following these 7 techniques, I assure you that you’ll be on the minds of your readers far more often than you ever have been before.  [Read more…]

Your Power Base – Why You Need It, How To Build It, And How To Use It

Every blogger has something called a power base.

Your power base is very similar to your network, but it’s a bit more refined – your power base is those people that you’ve connected with so well, that they will take a given action to support you if you request them to do so.

These are the people you can turn to when you need a favor. When you need help. Advice. Guidance. Every blogger needs a power base to fall back on, to leverage, and to propel themselves forward.

To become more effective at blogging, you need to make building your power base one of your largest priorities. Let’s talk about how to build your power base,  and how to make the most out of it for your mutual gain. [Read more…]

The Ultimate HootSuite Pro Review

If you want to scale your business, it’s imperative that you do something that can save you time.

After all, regardless of how hard we work, we only have 24 hours in a day to get things done.

In the past, this meant hiring employees to take on projects for us so we could allocate our resources elsewhere. However, for those of us who work online, we’ve also been granted some amazing tools that can save us hours of time each day – at a much cheaper price as well.

HootSuite Pro is one of those tools.

If you do any social media marketing at all (which you should be if you’re running any sort of business) then read on – the way you manage your social profiles may be about to change forever. Here is my ultimate review for HootSuite Pro. [Read more…]

Most Bloggers Are Using Social Media For The Wrong Reasons


A vital part of your online media empire is your social pages. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus – whatever networks you have chosen to amass a following on, these pages are huge assets to your business when used properly.

We’re all told as beginning bloggers that we need to start social pages for our blogs. We’re told to share links to our content and other people’s content on our pages. We’re told that we can also use our pages to make money. However, beyond that, we’re left out in the dark, wandering aimlessly as we not only try to build a following, but keep our following engaged with our posts.

This has unfortunately but understandably led to some pretty bad behavior, and the majority of people have failed to realize where the real power behind social media lies.  [Read more…]

7 Universal Life Lessons That Blogging Has Taught Me

When you decide to do something big, it has a serious impact on your life. It changes who you are, and the lessons you learn from such a huge experience become invaluable to you.

When I started blogging all of those years ago, I had no idea what I truly had in store for me. I have changed so much as a person, and I have no doubt that I would not be the person I am today if I had never began this journey.

As I’ve taken time to reflect on this year, I’ve realized that there is a lot blogging has taught me about life – very important lessons that are universal to all of us as human beings.

While you read through this list, I want you to really think about the lessons I share with you. Think about how they’ve arose in your lifetime. Tie them to your own unique experiences. We are all different individuals, and some of these will pop out to you more than others. Some will become more apparent in the future.

Understand the significance of these 7 truths, and you will find much more success in both your professional and your personal life. [Read more…]

Taking A Break From Blogging? Don’t Feel Bad!

If you’ve been following me closely, you’ll have noticed that things haven’t been going as normal.

I’ve been blogging pretty inconsistently.

I’m not nearly as active on social media platforms as I’ve been in the past.

You aren’t finding my smiling face on other people’s blogs or on marketing forums.

The places where you could expect to see me practically any time you visited, I’m now not showing up at all.


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Going From Blog To Online Media Empire – The Ultimate Guide

Going from an ordinary blogger to an extremely successful businessperson is all about scale.

You start off by developing a profitable system. When, and only when you finally have a good system in place, you scale it up as much as you can and reap the rewards.

Of course, neither of those are easy. Many people focus a lot of time on creating a profitable system, because that’s the first vital step. For a moment though, let’s talk about what to do once you’ve got that system in place.

Let’s talk about scaling it up. Let’s talk about building an entire online empire.

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How I’m Getting Facebook Page Likes For Under A Penny

1 cent facebook page likes

I recently started a Facebook page from scratch, with the goal of building a profitable audience for as little as I possibly could, and the results are exciting.

You’re about to learn how I’ve been getting real page likes for as little as half a cent, and how these likes can be used to make you money. Seriously.

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