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James is the owner of Help Start My Site. He started his first blog at the age of 11, and has since gone on to start several successful businesses. Here on HelpStartMySite.com, he shares his knowledge that brought him to where he is today. If you want to connect with James, like him on Facebook .

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Turn Every Email Subscriber Into A Buyer With One Change

Have you ever heard the old adage, “It’s easier to sell again to an existing customer than it is to generate a new customer?”

It’s absolutely true, particularly if you know what you’re doing.

Here’s the problem. Most people don’t.

If you’ve taken my email marketing course, you’ve learned all about the importance of segmenting your email list – breaking it down into smaller, more targeted sub-segments that allow you to tailor promotions to specific people.

For most people, this is generally limited to two lists – a buyers list, and a non-buyers list.

And hey, this can work well. If you have a clear path that you want people to take, you can set up a system with your email marketing service to move people towards a given set of actions, moving them deeper and deeper into a sales funnel until hopefully you land a few big ticket sales.

However, if you truly want to maximize your income, you must pursue every single person on your list with the belief that you can get them to buy every single product that you offer.

In order for that to happen, you have to get very personalized, and very organized.

[Read more…]

Your Power Base – Why You Need It, How To Build It, And How To Use It

Every blogger has something called a power base.

Your power base is very similar to your network, but it’s a bit more refined – your power base is those people that you’ve connected with so well, that they will take a given action to support you if you request them to do so.

These are the people you can turn to when you need a favor. When you need help. Advice. Guidance. Every blogger needs a power base to fall back on, to leverage, and to propel themselves forward.

To become more effective at blogging, you need to make building your power base one of your largest priorities. Let’s talk about how to build your power base,  and how to make the most out of it for your mutual gain. [Read more…]

7 Stages Every Blogger Goes Through On Their Way To Success

We all have different stages that we go through as bloggers. We go through periods where everything seems to be going right, and periods where it seems like the best thing to do is close down. We have times where we are excited and optimistic about the future, and times where everything just seems to be working against us.

They say entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster, and it’s very true. However, only those who are able to hang on during the ups and downs are the ones who will see the ride through to its completion. As I share with you these 7 stages that all bloggers go through, I want you to think about whether or not you’ve seen these so far throughout your own blogging career. If you haven’t, I promise you will see them soon if you stay on board long enough. [Read more…]

The 7 Rules Of Selling All Bloggers Must Follow

One of the most valuable skills you can learn in life is how to sell – not only sell your products, but yourself and your ideas. Being able to persuade someone to take a given action is extremely powerful, and this should be a skill you are constantly looking to develop.

The truth is, you are selling yourself every day. When you talk to someone, you are selling your brand. When you give someone an opinion, you are selling that idea to them. Whether you know it or not, almost every interaction you have with other people is a sale in some way.

As bloggers and as entrepreneurs, there are certain things we can do to sell more effectively. This article is going to lay out 7 rules you must follow to build up your inner salesperson, make more money through your blog, and close more deals.  [Read more…]

An Open Letter To Udemy

Dear Udemy,

You probably don’t know me that well. With only 5000 students and 6 courses, I’m only a small fish in a big pond compared to some of the other instructors out there. However, despite how much you claim to value every instructor on your platform, we have had no say in the interesting string of changes you’ve chosen to force upon us this past year.

I have been able to grit my teeth and adapt when changes started occuring, understanding this was your platform and that our interests were aligned. Unfortunately however, the recent string of changes has led me to believe that Udemy’s new motto is “if it’s not broken, then break it!” [Read more…]

Udemy vs. Self-Hosting – What’s Best For Your Online Course?

You’ve put a lot of time into creating your online course. You’ve wrote the scripts, shot the video, handled the editing, and you’re ready to publish.

But wait – what are all of these different marketplaces? Should you sell your course on Udemy? What about Skillshare? ULearning, Lynda, Teachable?

Should you go wide and get your course on all of these websites? Or should you keep it close and sell your course through your own website instead?

The truth is that there are a lot of options, and the option that’s best for you is going to depend on your own goals as an instructor, marketer, and entrepreneur. Let us explore several different strategies that the top instructors are currently using to maximize their revenue, so you can identify and choose whichever strategy fits your goals the best.  [Read more…]

The Ultimate HootSuite Pro Review

If you want to scale your business, it’s imperative that you do something that can save you time.

After all, regardless of how hard we work, we only have 24 hours in a day to get things done.

In the past, this meant hiring employees to take on projects for us so we could allocate our resources elsewhere. However, for those of us who work online, we’ve also been granted some amazing tools that can save us hours of time each day – at a much cheaper price as well.

HootSuite Pro is one of those tools.

If you do any social media marketing at all (which you should be if you’re running any sort of business) then read on – the way you manage your social profiles may be about to change forever. Here is my ultimate review for HootSuite Pro. [Read more…]

10+ iPhone / Android Apps Every Blogger Should Be Using

I recently lost my temper and threw my phone at a wall, bending it in half and rendering it completely useless.

This taught me a valuable lesson and brought forth an almost frightening realization – we are becoming increasingly reliant on our smartphones.

…But we all knew that right? It’s obvious – you can’t go out in public without seeing people glued to their screens. However, you may not truly realize how bad this issue was until you’re forced to go without a smartphone for a week.

This wasn’t just apparent in my personal life either – I’ve realized I’ve become incredibly reliant on my smartphone for running my business as well. There are a lot of great apps for blogging that I’ve been using, and I wanted to share some of these with you so you could benefit from them too.

Without any further ado, here are 10+ iPhone / Android apps for bloggers that you may consider downloading! [Read more…]

Most Bloggers Are Using Social Media For The Wrong Reasons


A vital part of your online media empire is your social pages. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus – whatever networks you have chosen to amass a following on, these pages are huge assets to your business when used properly.

We’re all told as beginning bloggers that we need to start social pages for our blogs. We’re told to share links to our content and other people’s content on our pages. We’re told that we can also use our pages to make money. However, beyond that, we’re left out in the dark, wandering aimlessly as we not only try to build a following, but keep our following engaged with our posts.

This has unfortunately but understandably led to some pretty bad behavior, and the majority of people have failed to realize where the real power behind social media lies.  [Read more…]

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