I’m Looking For Affiliates!

I’ll keep this short and sweet.

I’m looking for people who want to make money promoting my business / finance related courses to their own website visitors and subscribers.

I currently have an entry level blogging course, a course on Kindle publishing, and a course on achieving financial independence and retiring early. Collectively, these courses already have over 3500 satisfied students.

I also have plans to release courses on other internet marketing and finance topics in the coming months.

These courses sell for $197 and affiliates will earn a 50% commission, or $98.50 per sale.

Free coupons will be given out to interested affiliates that have an audience or email list they can promote to.

Please send me an email if you’re interested and I can provide you with more information.


May we both make lots of money,

James McAllister



CTA Skin Review – Highlight Your Call To Action And Increase Conversions!

If you want to make more money quickly, you only need to do one of two things.

You need to either expand your reach and increase your traffic, or you need to do more with the traffic you’ve already got.

Now I think it goes without saying that more traffic is always a good thing, but if that traffic isn’t making you any money then it doesn’t help much.

Improving your conversion rate and doing more with the traffic you’ve already got is the best way to develop a profitable system that will serve you well over the long-term. Today, I’d like to share with you a plugin that will help you achieve that.

It’s called CTA Skin.

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Aweber vs GetResponse: A Detailed Analysis And Review

When it comes to choosing an email marketing service for your business, it almost always comes down to two choices:

“Should I sign up to Aweber or GetResponse?”

The truth is that very few if any other companies come close at all to the extensive number of features and fantastic functionality that these two companies provide with their email marketing services.

However, we all want to get the best bang for our buck, and when it comes to something as important as our email lists, we want to make sure the choice we make is the right one for us. And when two companies are both so fantastic, making that choice can be hard.

In this article, I’d like to explain some of the differences between Aweber and GetResponse, and help you decide which email marketing service is the best choice for you and your business. [Read more…]

You’re A Business Owner So Make Your Own Freaking Rules!

If you came here expecting some long informative post that you’re used to seeing on here, this isn’t one of them. If this upsets you, click the back button. If you can handle that, read on.

I have noticed an ever increasing trend both in my business life and my personal life of people feeling as if they must do things by the book. They are afraid to do what they believe is right, because other people have not confirmed their ideas. They are afraid to take chances or do things differently.

Quite frankly, that hurts everybody. The business owner, because you get none of the rewards that come with taking risks, and for your visitors as well, because you’re probably boring like the vast majority of people are.

We can talk all day about how to get people to like you, trust you, whatever. But none of that is important if they don’t even remember who you are.  [Read more…]

Going From Blog To Online Media Empire – The Ultimate Guide

Going from an ordinary blogger to an extremely successful businessperson is all about scale.

You start off by developing a profitable system. When, and only when you finally have a good system in place, you scale it up as much as you can and reap the rewards.

Of course, neither of those are easy. Many people focus a lot of time on creating a profitable system, because that’s the first vital step. For a moment though, let’s talk about what to do once you’ve got that system in place.

Let’s talk about scaling it up. Let’s talk about building an entire online empire.

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Utilize Affiliates To Skyrocket Profits

If you’re like most bloggers, you did not start out with a product of your own.

You didn’t operate like a normal business. You didn’t sell anything to a potential customer. You relied on other income streams like advertising revenue, or promoting other people’s products as an affiliate. All of your income came from a third-party rather than from the customer themself.

I was this way too – for many years in fact. And I’ll be honest with you, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But let’s be real here – money often comes much easier when you are on the other side of the coin. When you create a product, and let everyone else do the hard work of marketing it for you. After all, it’s not like you lose anything – they only get paid when you get paid. Profit all around.

This is the exact strategy I’ll be using to take my course sales to the next level. Let me explain.

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Learn To Appreciate The Good And Bad Times In Business

Business is a heck of a lot more than numbers and data. Sometimes, I like to take some time to branch off into theoretical or philosophical topics. This is one of those times.

As an entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time reading books on human nature and psychology. As I’m sure you’re aware, when you can get inside of people’s heads, you are more likely to achieve success in getting them to do what you want. For us, that usually means making sales.

However, another thing I’ve learned and began to notice in my day to day life is how people change and adapt to their situation. This can be both a blessing and a curse. [Read more…]

How I’m Getting Facebook Page Likes For Under A Penny

1 cent facebook page likes

I recently started a Facebook page from scratch, with the goal of building a profitable audience for as little as I possibly could, and the results are exciting.

You’re about to learn how I’ve been getting real page likes for as little as half a cent, and how these likes can be used to make you money. Seriously.

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Everybody Needs To Own A Business

In today’s world, every single person needs to start a business, or have some sort of alternative income source that is separate from their job.

I want you to get this thought into your head. I want you to keep it in there, circling around and around like a mantra:

Owning your own business is the quickest ticket to freedom.  [Read more…]

In Business, You Can Only Ever Rely On Yourself

When I look around, I see a lot of people playing a really risky game.

While there’s no harm in taking risks, you only want to take on risks that make sense. The right risks. Risks that benefit you in the long-term rather than the short-term.

One of the worst risks you can possibly take is putting all of your eggs in one basket, and this is exactly what many people are doing.

Let me explain.

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